Top 10 tips to increase your dental clinic’s income on 2017

Running a successful business is an ultimate goal for every practicing dentist. Unfortunately, for dental practitioners, they not

Running a successful business is an ultimate goal for every practicing dentist. Unfortunately, for dental practitioners, they not only have to excel in their professional skills and capabilities, but they also have to ensure that they train themselves to become excellent businessmen as well.

To be honest, this is not easy! So how can you improve your dental clinic’s income in the coming year? Well, we have10 golden tips for you that can help you increase the number of your patients and multiply your practice’s income:


  1. Don’t Under-estimate the Power of Facebook!

Facebook is not only an excellent option for fulfilling your socializing needs, but did you know that you can also use Facebook to attract more patients to your clinic? Yes, it’s true! imagine what would happen if you shared everything good about your practice over Facebook? It can be anything, like providing free dental care to needy patients or completing a very difficult case that took a lot of effort? Not only you will become an example for other to follow, but you will also develop respect among your local community which will ultimately help you in increasing the number of your patients. Make sure that your content is rich with pictures, infographics and videos. A recent research indicated that social media posts containing pictures had approximately 230% more impact than the ones without any picture.

  1. Using Twitter

Nowadays, your cyber presence is becoming equally important as your physical existence. By using the geo location of one of the most powerful socializing applications, Twitter and posting about your dental practice will help you in letting the locals in your community aware of your presence. In addition, Twitter will also prove to be an excellent platform to introduce your dental team as well as the range of service that you provide to your patients. By adding pictures, videos and infographics, you will be able to attract more customers to your Twitter page, and ultimately to your practice as multimedia use in posts improves user engagement on social media platforms. Not being able to find the right topic to share on Twitter? Have a look at the current “trends”. You will certainly find something pertaining to your interest and line and of work that you can share with your followers.

  1. Instagram; the New Craze!

The idea behind running a successful business? “selling it without actually selling it to them” you want to make your sales pitINSTRAGRAMch in such a way that your customers are willing to buy your services. Instagram is just the right place to sell your services. By creating an Instagram page that is optimized for your dental practice business and which directs traffic towards your website, you can multiply the number of your followers and hence, the number of your patients. All you have to do is to post the right content which contains eye-catching picture, infographics or videos that attracts the attention of your followers. Have a look around and see what is trending on Instagram. You can relate your Instagram pictures with the current trends, while at the same time promoting your business in a very subtle way. The more authentic reviews you get on your social media pages, the more confident will your prospective patients will feel in contacting you and visiting your practice. In a nutshell, Instagram is a very powerful platform to turn potential client into long-term patients and friends!


  1. Realizing the Potential of SMS Marketing!

Did you know that average people look at their phones at least 150 times in a day? You know why? Because your mobile is just an arm’s length away from you. Most successful businesses have learnt the importance of keeping their customers aware through SMS marketing, and are now reaping the benefits. According to SlickText, most of the Americans prefer to read advertisements and receive coupons over their cell phones. This means that you can rest assured that any of your new promotions or packages will be read by 98% of your customers over their mobile phones, most of whom will also share it with their friends as well, thereby increasing your cyber reach and improving your financial numbers as well.


  1. WhatsApp

It is virtually impossible, not to find any person who has not installed WhatsApp on his or her cellphone. We keep on sharing our personal photos and videos with our friends and family throughout the day, so why can we not share something about our dental practice? In fact, WhatsApp can prove to be an excellent platform for keeping in touch with your patients, where they can ask any questions about your practice, dental procedure, treatment costs, and most importantly, getting appointments over WhatsApp! So how cool is that? And the best part is that you don’t actually have to answer to your patients’ questions over WhatsApp, we know that you are already very busy. What you can do is, to hire someone WHATSAPP-DESKTOPto post and answer on your behalf of various social media platforms, including WhatsApp.


Did you know that WhatsApp is also available over the web? If you don’t like using your mobile phone much, you can keep in touch with your friends and favorite businesses by using the web application of WhatsApp.

  1. Customer Relationship Management Software (CRMs)

Remember to maintain a complete database of your customers, even those patients who visited your practice but did not buy your services. CRM software are an excellent tool for keeping a record of the particulars of your patients, including their mail address, cellphone numbers and dates of birth. You can use CRM software to remind your patients about their appointments, send greeting messages on important occasions and most importantly, wishing a Happy Birthday! Customers love the fact that their dentists remember their dates of birth and actually care to wish them on their big day! Here is a list of top 10 CRM software that you can use

  1. Customer Reviews are the Real Thing!

Nowadays, people decide to buy any service or product after having a detailed look at the feedback provided by their customers over the web. If you have good reviews, you are likely to get more customers, who will again post good reviews and bring even more patients for you! So, all you need to do, is to identify those patients who are very happy and satisfied with your services, and very subtly and politely, ask them to leave their reviews over your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages! That’s it! prospective patients will read positive reviews posted by your regular customers, and will feel more confident in visiting your dental business and in buying your services. Here are some more tips for you to get customer reviews.

  1. Make it Easier for your Patients to Locate Your Business!

Customers prefer to visit a business whose address is familiar to them or is easy to find. By enlisting the location of your dental practice over google maps or Waze, you will make sure that once new patients are interested in visiting your practice, they can easily find directions to your place of business. Here is how you can register your business on google.

  1. Let People Find You Easily!

If you want your prospective patients to find you easily, then you must get your business indexed in various indexing website. In this way, your patients will be able to find your practice over various local and overseas online directories that have indexed your business. The key is to make sure that your business is readily searchable and found over the internet. Whatclinic is one of the most useful websites for patients to find local medical and dental practitioners in and around their place of residence.

  1. Your Expert Opinion Matters!

There are numerous online platforms where dentists provide their expert opinion regarding various dental issues, such as Reddit, Quoara, Facebook and Twitter. Many people are searching these platforms for getting answers to their dental problems. By answering their queries, you will not only be able to help people, but you will also build an online “repute” and credibility which will help in bringing more patients, and hence more revenue to your dental practice.

Remember, if you make one patient happy, he or she will bring two more for you! Your focus should be on improving your quality of dental care, while at the same time ensuring that your patients are happy and satisfied when they leave your office. We wish you are very prosperous and fruitful year 2017 ahead.