Discover the revolution in dental implantology – the SSI Implant! With its unique design features such as a rough surface, threads reaching the top, and a tapered body and collar, this implant provides numerous advantages over traditional implants. Say goodbye to compromised stability and complicated insertion – the SSI Implant offers greater surface area, improved stability, easy insertion, and high initial stability, even in difficult bone conditions. Upgrade your implant game with the innovative and proven design of the SSI Implant.

Rough surface on the top for increased surface area
Threads reaching the top of the implant for improved load distribution
Decreased crestal stress for added stability


  • Greater surface area for better load distribution
    Improved stability through decreased crestal stress.
  • Tapered body and collar
    Aggressive apical threads for high initial stability
    V-shaped body design for improved insertion
    Self-drilling and self-tapping capabilities for ease of use
    Rounded apex for improved insertion and direction refinement
    Apex with self-tapping drilling blades for reduced osteotomy size


  • Easy insertion thanks to the classic and proven design of SSI Implant
    High initial stability, even in compromised bone conditions
    Optimal primary stabilization and easy insertion facilitated by the tapered body and aggressive apical threads.

The SSI implant is claimed to have numerous advantages over other implants. These include greater surface area for increased load distribution, a rough top surface for improved stability, aggressive apical threads that aid with initial stability, self-drilling and self-tapping capabilities that make insertion easier even in difficult bone conditions.