When it comes to implant surgery, having sharp and properly functioning instruments is crucial. The use of dull and worn drills during osteotomy can result in devastating consequences for the patient, including permanent damage to the bone.

Studies have shown that drills that have been used more than 30 to 50 times have significantly higher heat generation compared to a new and sharp drill. This increased friction and heat can increase the likelihood of bone necrosis, irreversible cellular damage, and replacement of bone tissue with fat.

At GP Implants, we believe that the best results come from using sharp drills. That’s why we recommend that after 30 uses, these drills should be replaced.

To make this process convenient, GP Implants has created easy-to-use drill replacement kits. The replacement drills can be quickly added to the surgeon’s current surgical kit, without the need to switch to a new kit.

Our replacement kit range includes options for internal hex and conical connection implants. With all implant types and procedures covered, oral surgeons can rest assured that they’ll always have a sharp and functional drill ready for use.

3 Key Takeaways:

  1. Dull drills can cause permanent damage to the bone during implant surgery.
  2. Regular drill replacement is recommended after 30 uses to ensure the best results.
  3. GP Implants offers convenient drill replacement kits for all types of implants and procedures.