GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments are engineered for dentists and oral surgeons to connect endosseous dental implants and screw-retained restorations. These abutments are commonly used for full-arch prostheses for edentulous and partially edentulous patients. Their screw-retained design is well-regarded for its stability and ease of maintenance. GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments allow for direct screw-on placement of restorations with a variety of screw-retained options available, providing versatility and flexibility for various dental concerns.

One of the key benefits of GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments is their design for ease of use and optimal soft tissue contouring for a patient’s smile. They also come with a pre-mounted holder for easy handling and can be used in the All-On-4/6 treatment concept for even greater convenience. Our premium line offers a complete solution with all necessary tools and abutments included, making the restoration process seamless. Additionally, the straight and angulated systems parts are 100% compatible for maximum versatility.

Features of GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments:

  • Wide range of heights for various clinical indications
  • Pre-mounted holder for easy handling
  • Snap functionality for reduced provisional creation time
  • Available in both straight and angled options for different tissue anatomies
  • Ideal for multiple implant cases requiring correction
  • Angled options in straight, 17°, 30° and 45° variants
  • Premium kits with all necessary tools and parts included
  • “One-fit-all” principle with straight and angulated parts compatible with each other

Benefits of GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments:

  • Ease of use for the dentist
  • Reduced need for bone grafting
  • Durability and longevity
  • Quick and aesthetic results for patients
  • Improved soft tissue healing and recovery
  • Convenient and cost-saving
  • High level of restorative flexibility
  • Optimal soft tissue contouring

When looking to perform a prosthetic reconstruction, trust GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments to provide a comprehensive solution with optimal results.

Why choosing our multi units?

When you’re looking to perform a prosthetic reconstruction procedure, look no further than GP Implants Multi-Unit Abutments. They offer the convenience, durability, and flexibility you need to achieve a successful restoration every time.

GP Implants: The Solution for All-on-4 and All-on-6 Implant Procedures

GP Implants now offers 45 degrees multi-units, which can be used to perform All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant procedures. The 45 degrees design of the multi-units allows for optimal placement and efficient placement, making the procedure faster and more cost-effective. In addition, GP Implants has libraries for 3Shape and Exocad, ensuring seamless integration with a variety of dental software.

Step-by-Step Guide for All-on-4 and All-on-6 Implant Procedures with GP Implants Premium Multi-Units

Step 1: Planning and Preparation Accurate impressions and scans of the patient’s mouth are taken to create a surgical guide for implant placement.

Step 2: Placement of Implants Under anesthesia, 4 implants for All-on-4 and 6 implants for All-on-6 are placed in the optimal position. GP Implants premium multi-units allow for faster placement.

Step 3: Attaching the Abutments Abutments are attached to the implant heads, serving as the connection point between the implants and the denture or bridge. GP Implants premium multi-units are compatible with a variety of abutments.

Step 4: Provisional Restoration A provisional restoration is placed on the implants to check the bite and make any necessary adjustments before the final restoration. GP Implants premium multi-units allow for a precise fit of the provisional restoration.

Step 5: Final Restoration The final restoration, either a fixed bridge or a removable denture, is placed on the GP Implants premium multi-units, providing a strong and stable platform for a long-lasting result.

Conclusion GP Implants premium multi-units offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for full-arch rehabilitation. Their unique design and compatibility with a variety of abutments and restorations make them a great choice for All-on-4 and All-on-6 implant procedures.

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