If you’re looking to elevate your patients’ oral health and quality of life, then you’ve come to the right place. GP Implants LTD presents Equator, the cutting-edge solution in the world of overdentures. The challenges posed by atrophic mandibles can finally be overcome with this innovative product.

Equator’s revolutionary hybrid sphere-lock attachments offer numerous benefits for both patients and practitioners alike. No longer will you have to struggle with screw access holes in unfavorable locations. Equator’s pre-bent angulated abutments and angled screw channel move the denture connection point to a more favorable position, ensuring screw retrievability every time.

With Equator, you won’t need a separate toolkit. Our product uses the same abutment fixation screw construction and standard industry 1.25 abutment driver as many different implant brands. This simplifies your toolset and eliminates the risk of mix-ups.

The benefits don’t stop there. Equator is made from titanium grade 5 ELI, the same material used for dental implant production. It’s gold-anodized for a deeper hue in the aesthetic zone, and has excellent retention with a wide range of insertion caps. Equator’s compact design and angulation properties make it the optimal choice for overdenture restoration.

Are you tired of the same old ball attachments with their bulk and lack of aesthetics? With Equator, you’ll experience the versatility and pivoting capacity of ball attachments, combined with the low profile, strength, and ease of use of lock-type cap attachments. GP Implants LTD has taken several years to develop Equator, working closely with leading dentists in the industry to gather feedback and recommendations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your overdenture restoration game. Try Equator today and never look back.

Features and Benefits of Equator Overdentures

  • Made from high-quality titanium grade 5 ELI material for maximum durability and longevity
  • Gold-anodized for a deeper hue, ideal for aesthetic zones
  • Wide range of insertion caps for excellent retention, with a range of 0 to 8 lbs
  • Low profile design with a smaller connection point compared to competitors
  • Simplified structure with improved functionality
  • Shared screw connection and driver tool across various implant brands, reducing the risk of mix-ups and reducing tool volume
  • High variation of cuff heights to accommodate different tissue depths
  • Versatile and pivotable ball attachments combined with the strength of lock-type cap attachments, with improved aesthetics and ease of use
  • Based on years of intensive research and development, with feedback from leading dentists in the industry, ensuring the best solution for overdenture restoration.

At GP Implants LTD, we understand the importance of having reliable, high-quality dental implant attachments. That’s why we’re proud to introduce Equator Attachments, our new line of cutting-edge attachments designed to provide exceptional stability, comfort, and longevity for dental implants.

With its innovative design and advanced manufacturing techniques, Equator Attachments delivers a level of performance that sets it apart from the competition. Whether you’re a dental professional looking for a better way to secure your implants, or a patient seeking a more comfortable and stable solution, Equator Attachments has you covered.

Convenient, reliable, and backed by the expertise of GP Implants LTD, Equator Attachments is the dental implant attachment solution you’ve been looking for. Start your journey to better dental health and comfort with Equator Attachments now.