Dental implants have become an increasingly popular solution for missing or damaged teeth, but the success of the restoration depends on many factors, including the emergence profile. The emergence profile is the portion of the prosthesis that transitions from the circular implant platform to the natural shape of the tooth at the gingival level. It is the border between the surgical and prosthetic worlds, and it is crucial to consider during the implant planning phase.

The choice of implant can greatly impact the emergence profile. The discrepancy between the diameter of the implant platform and the cross-section diameter of the future crown at the gingival level needs to be compensated by the abutment. The contour of the abutment from the platform to the gingival level is the emergence profile, and the angle between the platform of the implant and the wall of the abutment should be as wide as possible to avoid creating a bacteria reservoir. The connection type (external or internal) and the collar of the implant, whether polished or not, have a direct influence on the depth at which the implant can be placed, preserving the surrounding bone while retaining the biologic width.

Investing time and effort in optimizing the emergence profile is worth it as it supports the gingiva around the implant-supported crown, prevents the formation of food traps, and allows the patient to maintain proper hygiene around the implant. On the other hand, improper choice of implant diameter and/or placement depth and inaccurate transfer of soft tissue contour to the cast can hinder the creation of an optimal emergence profile.

Despite the misconception that creating abutments with a customized emergence profile is complicated or expensive, solutions from companies like GP Implants Ltd make it accessible. With GP Implants Ltd, customized abutments are made easy and affordable, allowing for the standard of care to be raised to a higher level.

In conclusion, the emergence profile is a critical factor in the success of dental implant restorations. By considering the choice of implant, investing in an optimal emergence profile, and using solutions from companies like GP Implants Ltd, patients can be ensured a natural-looking and functional result.

New generation GP Implants LTD Emergence Profile Concave Abutments. A innovative design with optimal emergence profile, allows for seamless replacement of temporary prosthetics without damaging newly formed tissue structures. The abutment delivers superior primary stability and creates a tight marginal seal that protects the implant’s crestal zone.

Our anatomic concave abutments are designed to provide aesthetic results and enable gingival tissue growth around the neck.

Features of GP Implants LTD Anatomic Concave Abutments:

  • Designed for immediate implant loading
  • Comprehensive restoration coverage with options for concave healing cap, transfer, temporary, and final abutments
  • Available in straight, 15° angled, and 25° angled varieties
  • Multiple collar height options ranging from 1mm to 4mm
  • Optimal emergence profile
  • Constructed with highest grade titanium alloy (5) and titanium nitrate coating
  • Improved surface scratch resistance and reduced friction

Benefits of GP Implants LTD Anatomic Concave Abutment:

  • Eliminates the need for soft tissue reshaping after tooth removal or implantation
  • Ensures optimal restorative process with an ideal emergence profile
  • Immediate stabilizationization of gingival tissue after extraction and implant placement
  • Accelerates gingival healing process

When considering an implant procedure, choose a trusted abutment solution with GP Implants LTD Anatomic Concave Abutment.